Get Google Play Credits with Truecaller!

Effective Date - 6th February'2020

Terms and Conditions for the Promotional Activity By participating in this promotion you agree and accept the General Terms and Conditions;


  1. This offer is applicable to users who have bought a Truecaller Annual Premium subscription during the offer period.

  2. Users can get up to 201 rupees as Play credits.

OFFER PERIOD This offer period starts on 13-01-2020 at 00:00:00hrs IST and expires on 13-04-2020 at 23:59:59hrs IST


  1. Users must complete a successful annual Premium purchase and complete the free trial period (if any) before the end of the promotion period.

  2. Users must be on the Truecaller Android app version 10.62 or higher.

  3. The offer is in India only for Indian phone numbers.

  4. Users will receive either 51 rupees, 101 rupees or 201 rupees as Play Credits. The amount they are eligible for will be shown before the purchase.

  5. Some users will not be offered play credits. Users who are eligible will see the offer as shown in the screenshot below:

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